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Untapped – How to Use the Platform Wisely

Untapped is a digital platform designed to help people discover and share great beers. It also assists breweries with global beer tracking. As one of the most popular craft beer apps worldwide, Untapped boasts over two million users and millions of check-ins.

The platform’s growth is partly fueled by its social aspect – the opportunity to share experiences with others. The app makes it effortless to discover new breweries and their beers, with badges earned for checking in at various venues and styles of beer.

But it’s also an excellent way to track the beers you’re currently drinking, which will become increasingly useful as the craft beer scene continues to expand online. Furthermore, its growing community has promoted greater visibility between breweries and drinkers as well as improved access between users and the industry.

Untappd has provided a service to ticker culture, but also brought to light an issue which could negatively impact breweries: subjective ratings from users. This issue has been highlighted by many craft beer writers and enthusiasts, as well as Untappd itself.

Breweries spend years honing their products, so it can be incredibly frustrating for them when their beers receive poor ratings – particularly on popular apps such as Untappd which boast millions of users worldwide.

Therefore, it’s essential to be aware of the issues this platform raises and how to work around them. The initial step should be understanding how to utilize it wisely so you can maximize its features without becoming overburdened with options.

Another important thing to remember is that the app was designed for sharing, not judging. This can lead to getting too caught up in numbers – how many beers you’ve checked in, and whether those beers are popular. While this can be an issue for some breweries to manage, Avola believes this issue can be addressed.

The primary disadvantage of the app, however, is that it allows users to track and rate brewer’s beer without consulting them directly. This could pose a real problem for some breweries and reflect an overall trend toward more mobile beer drinkers.

There are a few ways to avoid this issue. First and foremost, ensure the brewery you’re considering is an established brand or, if not, at least one that has earned your friends’ trust.

Second, be sure to visit the beer’s website and its social media accounts. This is an excellent way to get a glimpse into how the company runs.

Finally, be sure to read any previous reviews from other users. You can locate this information in the top right of any listing on Untappd.

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