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Fun Wedding With Cocktail Towers and Photo Booths

Fun weddings are the perfect way to celebrate your special day with friends and family. With so many entertainment options available, guests are sure to be kept captivated all night long.

When selecting entertainment for your wedding, keep in mind that guests want to remain engaged and active throughout the entire affair. One great way to achieve this is with a photo booth!

Photo booths provide your guests with a fun and interactive way to have some serious fun, while also capturing some unforgettable memories they can take home as keepsakes. Our photo booths are staffed by experienced attendants who will be on-site to make sure everyone has an excellent time!


Cocktail bars offer guests a wide range of drinks to choose from. If your venue is large enough, set up multiple bars and serve different cocktails at each station. Alternatively, offer pre-made cocktails so guests don’t have to worry about creating their own concoctions.

Create a themed bar to match your wedding theme! For instance, if you’re having a tropical or boho-style affair, set up the bar with greenery garland as its base and add planks of wood for stability. Or for a country-themed affair, utilize hay bales as the base and decorate with planks of wood for stability.


A stylish wedding bar sign can help guests know what’s available and make for a great conversation starter at the reception! We were particularly fond of this humorous Etsy design which outlines 90 types of drinks, from Champagne bars to beer baths!

Self-serve bars are another popular option for your wedding bar. For instance, creating a champagne or prosecco wall allows guests to help themselves and adds an elegant touch. Or why not fill a tub with your favourite craft beers and let everyone pour their own?

Outdoor weddings in the summertime can be a wonderful opportunity to showcase your bartending skills! A serving area or separate bar can easily be set up next to the main bar for easier access!

From traditional chandeliers to LED light towers, we have the ideal options to add some glitz to your bar. A lit bar can help create a fun atmosphere at any wedding reception and is an ideal addition for any wedding bar.

Live Music

As part of your wedding’s fun theme, don’t forget to incorporate some exciting music into the mix! For something that will get everyone dancing on the dance floor, consider hiring a DJ or live band!

Your DJ can play music that your guests will enjoy, and they will keep the dancefloor energetic all night long. MCs are also an option for weddings with large dance floors as they can schedule dances and guarantee that everything runs smoothly throughout the night.

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